Your Mission is our mission

Own your dream.


About us & our Mission

Good Vibes Talent & Co. started with a dream; a dream that inspired it's founders to refresh the universe with good vibes through art and talent. Two guys wanted a change in the industry and as the saying goes, they went out to BE that change. Our Mission is to support artists in their pursuit of sharing their passion with the world. GV Talent strives to develop a community based on Good Vibes. We’re here to help YOU. Too often we’ve seen the struggles of new, undiscovered talent waiting for a big break. Day in and day out, taking any gig possible just for a chance to have their voice heard. We’ve found that this approach leads to a lot of wasted time, energy, money, and most importantly, your talent. Our specialty is crafting the perfect match between you and an opportunity. At Good Vibes Talent & Co. your mission is our mission. G.V Talent is dedicated to supporting the talents, and passions of artists with the goal of global inspiration. We want to help you develop your talent in a way that’s going to help you reach the next level.

Our Focus

Founded in 2018 by Jason Scott and Terrell Johnson, GV Talent is on a mission to become the most significant talent agency by working and representing our talent in the following values:


According to IBISWorld, a revolutionary data and trend reporter, “Over the past five years, the Movie & Video Production in the US industry has grown by 2.0% to reach revenue of $32bn in 2018. In the same timeframe, the number of businesses has grown by 1.7%, and the number of employees has grown by 0.5%.” The film industry is expanding day by day, minute by minute, and second by second; if you have the skills, talent, and drive to break into this sector, stop waiting and join the movement.


Its true, Music can change lives, but a musician has the power to change the world. At GV Talent that's our main focus; impact the world with good vibes. GV Talent works with talent getting booked at venues, creating marketing strategies, and Artist Establishment.


Whether you're a traditional painter or a digital pioneer, the Fine Arts industry is ideal for inciting emotions, for opening minds, and for crafting your story. You want to be recognized for your imagination and creativity. You want to inspire others that were in your shoes (before you met us). You want to be appreciated for the intellect you've gained and the skills you've obtained in creating your masterpieces. Our job is simple. To give you the recognition your work deserves. Your work is worthy of being presented in your nearest Art Gallery. Maybe, even your own gallery. In the process, we spread good vibes that will resonate and inspire others to join the movement.


Public relations has become a large part of GV Talent in recent times. Social Media has become more important than ever, so it’s critical to have an amazing standing relationship with your audience. We have found out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with the public. Your spotlight will never be dulled by rumors and hearsay simply because your audience will know you and trust you. We’ve done the work and we’re here to help you.


Simone Lemoniere
Executive Director, Mentor

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